We provide 4, 6, and 8 yard dumpsters for business, industrial, or personal use. Pickups can be once, twice, or three times a week.

We provide 15, 20, and 30 yard roll off containers for construction or any type of clean up you may have. These also can be for business, industrial, or personal use.

We offer 2, 4, and 6 yard compactors. They can be self-contained or break-aways ranging from 25 to 40 yards.


Again, thank you for choosing Evans Disposal Services.  If you have questions about our services or need to setup a new acccount, please click on the proper page or feel free to call or email us at your convenience.  Our office telephone number is 478-274-9470 or email us now at info@evansdisposal.com.

Evans Disposal has been handling residential, business and industrial waste management for over 15 years.  The company was established in March of 1997 and has continued to grow and thrive ever since thanks to the support of the communities that we serve and our dedicated staff. We know first hand what the meaning of efficient and dependable service and what it means to our customers and we work diligently each day to maintain that level of superior service. Learn more now about Evans Disposal...

For anyone looking to make recycling a more integral part of their lives, our web guide is an overview of the basic legwork as well as some of the finer and more advanced concepts that have emerged in recent years. There is so many benefits to recycling + all of the new ways that businesses can recycle and help save our landfills. If we all do our part, the positive impact it could have on our environment and landfills would be very significant.  Learn more now...

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